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tv   [untitled]    May 15, 2014 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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ever since the white man came to california, destroyed the red wood forest polluted our waters did a lot of destruction now at the 11th hour some of us have awoke enand you talk about climate change this that and the other. well, you know, i like to tell you all having pondered over this -- i'm a director of the environmental justice advocacy and put over 45 years addressing environmental issues not just talking and writing about it and as your attorney here knows from the days when you were on the port commission -- really addressing issues so i write about it. what i want you
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commissioners to pay attention to is like your staff. it has come to my attention that you now have another layer of the staff, deputy assistant general managers or whatever but you sit here when you need real answers, they can not be given, so the staff has to learn to have empirical data that's readily available and finally in the 20 seconds that i that i have, i would recommend that that we support one of your staff that has worked very hard in the bay view his name is massoud -- i will be sending a letter to the president as well as well as to the general manager to the mayor and to other relevant entities about
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this staff member who should have been given a promotion 2 years ago promised to him but was not by the add visor and i'm a person that if i say something i'll follow through i'd like you all to offer him all the support necessary so that he really serves the bay view thank you very much. >> thank you francisco i have to echo the comments not the personnel stuff but he is an outstanding advocate and he has a lot of capacity does a really really good job and is there any other public comment on this item? dr. jackson. >> i thought i might say something before leave i'm happy to be one of those
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persons that was selected to serve on the committee and you can you can be assured that the committee will work at its best and i'm glad to be a part of it and i'll make sure it works and the job will get done much sooner than later thank you very much. >> our new working group right? >> yes. >> thank you doctor. is there any other? counselor. >> good afternoon. again here to emphasize as an advocate looking at this presentation that there's other budgetary priorities among streetlighting and energy efficiency improvements as well but the job numbers from go solar, sf
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presented today they were about the disadvantaged to bring in in people at entry level positions and to date those jobs are 121 but that doesn't include the solar industry jobs and in support of the program 4000 workers nationwide and 300 alone in the san francisco head quarters and these are all aspects that go solar helped to jump start in san francisco and cutting the program can actually lead to devastating effects if you look at the numbers revealed that solar installations actually went down to 264 installations
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compared to the 466 installation that normally have been on average each year and in the long run we should continue to fully fund this program and thank the sfpuc staff and general manager kelly to figure out how to fully fund this program and as well doctor jackson of course one of the advocates of this program as well because we believe solar installations happening across san francisco but in particular the lower income communities who do not have access to solar in the first place hopefully -- >> do you have the numbers? of all the jobs created by go solar. >> the disadvantaged workers are 121 workers to date so there
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are a number of other companies . >> you are the advocate for go solar you should have this information better than our staff. >> i can say hundreds if not thousands but the example i gave 300 alone employed in san francisco gives you the sense. >> it doesn't give me the sense of anything because it doesn't give me a total number it's important for the advocates who advocate for this program to have their facts ready for us that's all. >> absolutely commissioner. >> i have a question but on the install how long does it take to do an to do an solar install. >> it can depend on the scale of the project. >> so a week or a month or a year?
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>> it would depend on the scale of the project. >> i think it's important for us to understand as well whether it's a career path but whether it's a year long job a week long job to do an install you know and then to really -- in dollars and jobs we really need that data in order to make an informed policy decision so wherever it comes from we need that data so i can't say that clearly enough. >> absolutely that data has has been necessary and it's also key to helping us to determine the number of direct and indirect jobs that we estimate 400 jobs created from fully funding the program so again 200 direct jobs from installation alone and 200
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indirect from the distribution and manufacturing that occurs. >> because i've heard the word jobs a number of times i try to steer clear of it because i think it can take us off course but the fact is it's a big component. there are different kinds of jobs, right? and we never want to pit them against each other and you have a hotel worker on some kind of administrative person those are full-time jobs right? they are 2000 hours per year and in the construction industry where you have carpenters engineers plumbers all those guys that do all that construction work they have temporary jobs once they build a building they don't get to work in the building they have to build another building so this is not much different there is a large large class of
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folks that find these opportunities and these opportunities only to feed their families to pay their rent to get healthcare to get retirement so the last thing i want to do is say what kind of jobs are these are they temporary week to week? it's about sustainable growth in san francisco and just moving the ball; is that accurate to say? >> yes. >> thank you very much for being here. >> maybe we will get back to you with some numbers but i just wanted to, you know, clarify the numbers. the numbers that we presented are, like we said are disadvantaged numbers and also the money that we're supplying to go solar we're not fully funding it it's it's a portion of what the cost would be so we're actually
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leveraging so we need to take that into consideration and say what it is so we weren't prepared to answer that question we'll go back to do some research and get some numbers for the meeting that we have at the department of the environment and we'll talk about that. >> thank you counselor. melissa hello again. you have all the data right? >> all of it [laughter]. i wanted to thank you general manager kelly for your work on the budget and keeping go solar as a priority for your dedication and i hear the comments about return on investment and are we getting our money's worth with the go solarsf program and a wonderful question i want to point out as far as return on investment for
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myself what i've received and what i think is also a return on investment that's difficult to measure it's not only effected my life and it's effected my family's life that has been greatly improved my go solarsf and i'm on a career path and i know as far as far as luminol goes they are hired full-time employment with benefits and sustained employment i don't see people getting laid off due to jobs ending we work hard to keep jobs coming in and part of the reason they are coming in there's a benefit to the community for installing solar as well and another you know as far as return on investment i feel like i'm a contributor to the city i feel like resources
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aren't being spent in helping me in other ways because i need to be on assistance to feed my family because i'm clearly not on a good path -- today i'm on a good path and i'm able to actually contribute and i feel like that's also a measured success as well so thanks again for your support and commissioner torres you asked about what people are saving on their electric bills? i do the processing of the contractors and paperwork and i see that on average people are probably saves about seventy to 75 percent that's about what we're saving people by installing solar and i do see typical residential installation could be a 3-day job if there's no hiccups and so the larger
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projects will probably take longer. >> thank you very much. is there any other public comment on this item. then public comment is closed. madam secretary next item please. >> item 8 is consent calendar and 8 a through 8 e are considered to be routine by the sfpuc and there will be no discussion of these items unless a member of commission or public requests and considered as a separate item. >> does anyone wish to remove an item? seeing no requests i'll entertain a motion. >> so moved. >> it's been moved and it's been seconded. >> seeing no public comment i'll now call for a vote. all
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those in favor please signify by saying aye. the ayes have it the next item please. >> i'm going to ask you to go ahead and do that and if we have to have comment on each item i'll go ahead and call for it at that time. >> items 9 through 12 were continued from the april 22nd nd meeting and item 9 rates fees and charges for retail water service in san francisco and suburban areas and item 10 rates fees and charges wastewater enterprise for retail wastewater services in san francisco and suburban areas. >> item 11 new service.
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>> item 12 public hearing to consider and adopt connection fees related to water service within and outside the city of san francisco. >> we'll call them all together. at the end of the items i will call for public comment. in the event anyone needs additional time i'll go ahead and allot that amount but i have no speaker cards. hello todd. >> if i may thank you president courtney each of these items had a full presentation at the last meeting and also in your communication packet was a response to all the questions asked by the commissioners as well as the public. i want to thank the independent rate consultant and patricia magove
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r.n. engineering and so staff is available to answer any additional questions but all the materials are continuation at the extensive presentations made last time. >> thank you very much todd commissioners i'll entertain a motion for items 9, 10, 11 and 12. >> it's been moved and it's been seconded. >> is there any public comment on items 9, 10, 11 and 12 together or individually. >> seeing none. >> the ayes have it the motion carries. >> item 13 is also continued from the april 22nd meeting and to consider and adopt a wholesale revenue requirement and rate schedule for 2014 through 15. >> commissioners?
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>> good afternoon deputy cfo as with the retail rates item we presented previously at the last meeting again what we're proposing is a rate of 2.93 cents per one hundred cubic feet of water from our wholesale water customers this rate is determined by contract and that represented about a 19.6 percent rate change for our wholesale customers these rates have been properly noticed with our wholesale customers and rate noticed sent out april 1st and i'm happy to take your questions. >> commissioners. >> thank you for your report i'll entertain a motion. >> it's been moved. >> second. >> and it's been seconded. >> is there any conversation. >> is there any public comment on this item, item number 13.
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all those in favor please signify by saying aye. >> next item please. >> item 14, 15 and 16 all continued from the april 22nd meeting. item 14 adopting hetch hetchy plan for 2014, through fiscal year 2023, 24 and a capital plan for fiscal year to 2023-24 and consider the adoption of a 2-year capital budget for the hetch hetchy water and power including the power enterprise for the sfpuc for fiscal year 2014 and fiscal year 2015-16.
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>> general manager and cfo have been before you in some form numerous times since february but these updates are all reflected from what's been assumed in the mayor's proposed budget. but i should briefly walk you through what the changes are -- again the 10-year capital plan and financial plan are important because the charter requires them as well because they go into our bond documents as we'll be selling bonds for the first time since the completion much of the hetchy assets so i'd like to point these out and i would also like to ask the chair as well to allow an amendment for staff to make a technical clarification on some
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of the descriptions and i'll point those out just so we have common descriptions. >> okay. >> so the 10-year financial plan before you today on item 14 and it goes through the various scenarios and balancing solutions we had capital cuts deferrals and to be above zero and includes reserves and cca cca $19.5 million reprogrammed. the recommendations before you are consistent with the mayor's proposed budget instead of a half a penny increase over the next 2 years one penny over the next 2 years and that allows us to also resize and borrow more funding and then have a a $155
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million worth of capital cuts and deferrals the majority of which are power related we have several next steps before us in the budget process but these two capital plans and with you here today in particular the capital plan as well as the financial plan, we plan to come back at the general manager as we do in the quarterly budget report and review. and i'm on slide 6 right now. we'll also give you updates as far as where we are on the pge negotiations and anything to do with debt service as we go into borrowing funds the first time in the fall and previously i should point out before the mayor's proposed budget now we
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only need to borrow about $45 million so a significant amount of progress has been made over the 10 years but also in the first 2 years. the specific items here, pardon me, will be the next step for us before the board of supervisors those come next week on may 21st and and also may 28th and we'll have the board's budget hearings and review the budget now in detail with the board's budget budget analysts and the financial plan as a number of sheets included in it going through all the various scenarios and so that when we do we do go to the
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bond market, we go through all the key risks as well as all the key, flexibilities that we have in the enterprise. summarized on page 8 and also the solving of a very large fiscal imbalances and the key assumptions are on page 8 and they do include one example of a revision that i'd like to make administratively if you so authorize in your amendment to update the capital plan increase to reflect the the $155 million worth of reductions and assume power revenue bonds over the 10 years as well as the one penny reductions and then level out towards about a half a penny and to the degree rate increases are more than half a
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penny that would allow us to add back some of the cut capital or reduced capital that we had to make those very difficult choices. >> slide 9 was the discussion as it stood in february. slide 10 is as it stands now before with all solutions above zero and on this one i'll mention with the third quarter budget report we did pop above the 15 percent reserve line so congratulations again that was even in light of a very difficult drought year where our power revenues we were a a $13 million shorter because of the impact of the drought in the current year so the mayor's proposed budget took that into consideration as well as the funding for the capital plan. >> the tables are detailed here
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and there are the three scenarios without savings and with 4 million in savings and $8 million of savings and i'd like to draw your attention to one new slide new to us compared to prior years and that would be slide 14 since we now have 3 scenarios in our plan shows you how much projected revenue funding and bond funding is under each of those 3 scenarios and i think it's an improvement and we look forward to doing it in future years as well. as you go to the go to the far right hand column you see here and past the 10-year financial plan we'd run out of additional bonding authority so this is one of those enterprises just like the water and sewer enterprise
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we're managing about a hundred year old utility and it does require now at this time and at our point on our watches to do a lot of significant rebuilds and efforts and provides you as policy makers the documentation to say this is not over this enterprise is going to need to have further rate increases in the future and what you see before you still is a significant savings to the general fund the current rates provide a $50 million savings to the general fund about a a 53 percent discount compared to what pge and about 32 percent increase or at 32 percent savings and so still $50 million of savings in the
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current year and $45 million in savings to the general fund so still something to be very proud of hetch hetchy and the system that we have the pleasure to run and you oversee it is an incredibly efficient operation -- >> commissioner torres. >> forgive me but i thought i saw a reference to cap and trade revenue and what is that amount? >> it's based upon -- >> i know what it's based on but what is it for us. >> with your prior action we use it for things to fund energy efficiency as well as city owned renewables. >> are there any other financial opportunities that we might have other than bond authority? >> we have also looked at
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california energy commission loans we've applied for thanks to you we've gotten approval for clean renewable energy bonds from the federal government when those did exist the krebs funding and also qualified for and applied for the energy energy conservation and we're always looking for the lowest cost debt for the rate payers but now we need to go into revenue bonds. >> i just wanted to make sure we articulate that. >> looking at commercial paper we need to establish a credit first as as soon as we do that . >> that shouldn't be difficult, should it? >> it's unique because we have an environment where we had a
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very large fiscal cliff so if we were to go to market 4 months ago when we saw a half a billion dollars fiscal cliff -- >> i know that we rely upon commercial paper to deal with that you are suggesting we're not ready there? >> we also have the authority under the charter through the controller's office and the treasurer -- in this case it's the local treasurer so we've reviewed that we have been very uniquely blessed with hetch hetchy to be able to cash fund everything for the last several decades and that's a unique thing so we're looking at it
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and always going after the lowest cost for the rate payers. >> thank you mr. president. >> so again projected saving -- however only about 32 percent or so increase or encounter in year 10 compared to 63 million and then the rest of them are technical tables and shows what the value of a penny is to the various departments. >> yes commissioner moran. >> thank you todd the numbers you have circled that's the impact on the departments on the one penny increase? >> that would be if we included the mta before their baseline if. if